"Help the Poor Foundation" is a Non-governmental, Non-political, Non-profitable, Non-Commercial, Non-Sectarian, Social and Philanthropist Organization working to help the Poor Communities through its programs in the field of Education, Health, Gender Equality, Woman Empowerment and Social Development. We promote the importance of Education, Health, Gender Equality, Woman Empowerment and correct utilization of local resources through our programs to bring practical solutions for improvement of the poor.

We observed that the poor people of Pakistan are suffering a great deal due to circumstances beyond their control. Facilities in Education, Medical, Legal, Livelihood and Social sectors are completely or partially lacking. These facilities are far beyond the reach of poorer segments of the society. Women are the most neglected in Education, Medical treatment and Social Justice. We thought that together with local people and resources we can build a future for poor people in education, health, Gender Equality, Woman Empowerment and vocational knowledge. When we started this foundation, we had nothing in our mind accept the single aim to help the poor people by giving them financial assistance or to render all kind of help to solve their problems by using all means at our hands. By and by we felt that our efforts are yielding results and so many like minded people have now started taking part in our projects.

We feel that we can bring about a happy change in the life of suffering segments of the society by providing education, health, social and legal support. We started accomplishment of this self assigned responsibility from a small locality of Lahore. We are committed to mobilize poor people to change their lives by adopting positive Approach and universal principal of self help. “Help the Poor Foundation” team is a combination of Professionals and local People. This is a unique combination in which an organization has made strong pledge to work in partnership with local people.

We are of a committed view that together with cooperation of local people, we can make concentrated and meaningful efforts to study and establish the root causes of different problems faced by poor people in education, health, social, legal and livelihood. Eradication of these problems is strictly related to complete understanding of these issues. We have started this mission from a very limited area but we are committed to take this mission at national level. We are hopeful that people from all over Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad will come out to support this mission of "Help the Poor Foundation". 




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